Personal power

The view from the bridge

Linda Duberley-91

When I moved into my new house it was a very fraught time. My oldest boy had beaten back the black dog of depression and was waiting to hear if he could get to university (he graduated recently with a BSc Econ), my Dad had the last rites (he was suffering from Vascular Dementia) and I ended the relationship with my then partner, a great guy but mercurial.

What I wanted more than anything was peace and quiet.

It was sometime before I achieved this. My son had yet to graduate and my Dad clung to life for a further year.

All sorts of good things emerged. I made it to the final in a parliamentary selection meeting, I spoke at Gather 2014 (a fantastic conference for young women in advertising and communications) and, of course, all sorts of bad things happened too. I lost two friends to cancer and a heart attack and my lovely dog, Ruby, my constant companion of nine years, died in my son’s arms.  Through all of this my walks along the river became my linchpin.

These days I run my river because I am training for a Triathlon in June. I never fail to find something interesting in how she changes on a daily basis. Never the same, she ebbs and flows with a tidal difference at my bridge (Chiswick) of some 20’. I also walk out from my back gate to the finish line of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race. When the women rowers competed on an equal level for the first time last year all I had to do was walk out of my back yard to watch history being made. How cool is that.

This is where I go to think things through. I believe it is important to have an opinion, A View From the Bridge.

That’s why I will be blogging about my life; family, friends, fashion and above all fun. I’ve got a strong focus on work but I have this year’s challenges laid out; stand-up comedy (again), an Olympic Triathlon (a first) and modeling in a lingerie show (a frightening first).

Follow me as I go.