Media training

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I deliver media training as a current broadcaster with a highly credible track record on three 24-hour news channels and the UK’s leading commercial TV Station. I have also held three staff positions on national newspapers.

I am an unusual trainer who will deliver bespoke media training with a special focus on live TV, which is where the biggest concerns for clients lie. It is rare to find someone with my background in international TV, who also worked on national newspapers in the UK.

I also integrate behavioural analysis into training. People’s ability to correctly defining their character type is crucial to understanding how to resonate on TV, radio, the Web or in front of an audience.

I can deliver half or whole day training sessions, either one-to-one or for small groups. Sessions take place in a real TV studio with a camera operator/editor at the location suggested by the client.

“Linda had the background and experience to call herself a real insider in the broadcast world.”

David Mannion, Former Editor in Chief, ITV News

Sessions include

  • Accurately and authentically covering the challenges presented by the broadcast environment.
  • Defining the client’s narrative
  • Constructing real-time scenarios
  • Practising and rehearsing live, remote and recorded interviews on TV and radio
  • Delivering feedback on the training day and in written form within 48 hours
  • A follow up advisory service for one month after the session.