personal power coachingWhat To Say And How To Say It (presentation coaching)

I conduct training sessions with the benefit of having delivered many key presentations in various media, political, commercial and charity arenas. This experience has allowed me to construct half-day or whole day sessions for between one to five people. I also conduct one-day workshops. In  I cover content, resonance and image.

Being You (women’s leadership coaching)

I deliver either two-hour coaching sessions or half-day training session in women’s leadership skills. Being You – The Lessons Of Personal Power is based on my research into what makes a woman leader innately powerful and resilient.

These coaching session are based on a Quadrant model that covers work, relationships, advanced hobbies and spirituality. My coaching is based on how to balance your life, construct the right relationships, to explore non-work projects that add potential and how to build value in community endeavours.

All coaching is based on

  • Two decades of performing at the top of four international broadcast organisations
  • Providing consultancy work for two national charities
  • Managing small teams of professionals in three organisations
  • Experience and knowledge acquired in styling and image at the London College of Fashion
  • Holding an Ambassadorial role at a key charitable foundation