linda charity

Whenever I do any life coaching I use a quadrant based method. I advise people to divide their lives into work, relationships, advanced hobbies and spirituality. By spirituality I do not only mean religion, I also mean some endeavour which gives something back to the community in which they live. It could be anything but in many cases it involves supporting a charity which resonates with them. My own charitable efforts centre on three very worthy causes.

The Victoria Foundation

I am an Ambassador for this Richmond-based charity which supports young people training for a career in medicine but for whom the expense is hard to bear. The Charity also funds treatments not readily available on the NHS and provides cash for high-spec wheelchairs for children with disabilities and mini-buses for the community.

Shooting Star Chase

I was on the fundraising committee for SSC for ten years after joining following a speech I made after covering the September 11th terrorist attacks. I still support them whenever I can. When I did stand-up comedy the my sponsorship went to this charity.


This charity provides day care and play facilities for young children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy. It has two centres, one in Guildford and one in Hampshire. I served on Challenger’s capital campaign and still try to get to as many of their functions as possible.