About Linda Duberley

I am a high-profile communications consultant with a strong background in broadcasting, print journalism and media training. During my career I have worked for four major broadcasters, ITV, Fox News, CNBC Asia and Sky News. I am a fast and accurate writer and have extensive experience in live reporting, presenting and interviewing, having covered the September 11 Twin Tower attacks, the Hong Kong handover, the fall of Indonesia’s President Suharto and the death of Deng Xiaoping.

Alongside presenting and anchor work, since 2008, I have become a highly regarded media trainer. I have developed a unique and comprehensive approach to media training, which includes presentation skills training, behavioural analysis, public speaking coaching, speech writing and business performance. My UK and international clients come from the public and private sector and include charitable foundations, nfps and large professional organisations.

I also coach high flying women in public speaking and personal power.


Linda Duberley at work